My Life with CenterPeace

I’m Jill Flynn, the creator and owner of CenterPeace Designs. I have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful Irish husband. Seattle has been home for the past 17 years. Now that I am forty-something and my life is very full (and getting fuller all the time), I realize and value more than ever the importance of staying connected to the things that matter most—the things that truly fuel my heart and soul. That’s what inspired me to create CenterPeace. It’s all about CONNECTION—connection with ourselves and connection with others. Because it’s how we live our lives and the people we touch along the way that truly matters.

The design and concept for CenterPeace is a culmination and combination of all the things
that have inspired me throughout my life: images, words, collage, beauty, connection, harmony,
function and strength. It is an inviting and thoughtfully crafted slice of personal space and the evolution of the intention board. CenterPeace allows us to use personal images, words and small objects to focus on life’s important and good stuff. It supports us in creating the lives we want, instead of life creating us.

CenterPeace has the amazing ability to change and adapt as our lives and needs change. It’s a beautiful and enduring gift for yourself or someone special. CenterPeace fits seamlessly into your home, office or occasion of special meaning. Make the most of life’s meaningful moments!