A central tool in creating a sacred space…

Many people ask me if there was one particular event that set the creation of CenterPeace in motion. I tend to look at it as every moment in life, every meaningful moment, brought me to this place in time.

One meaningful moment that stands out for me is the passing of my father, where I felt compelled to create a tool that helps with loss. Each of us will encounter loss of a loved one at some point in life. It is that inevitable common thread that binds us as human beings. Although, common as it is, we are never prepared for it.


My parents divorced when I was very young. Even though my father was a good person, relating to a daughter was out of his comfort zone. We were never authentically close. Alzheimer’s was what got the best of my dad in the end. We never discussed his final wishes nor any type of memorial service he might want. It was too hard. And, in trying to figure out how to best honor him, we started sharing stories and old photos of him. This simple act of “doing something”  brought us closer as a family and was a comforting process.

It got me thinking.

Whether or not you feel close to someone who has passed, every life is infinitely unique and has thousands of stories, images, and collected meaningful objects that quantify it. People make an impact on us and our lives. I started to imagine how beautiful, powerful and healing it would be to collect and combine some of these significant, personalized objects and create a customized memorial to honor someone’s life. This is the essence of CenterPeace. CenterPeace provides a tool to support those who are actively working through loss in a positive and deeply meaningful way.

But I realized there was so much more to it than that.

As I developed the prototype for CenterPeace, I began to recognize how it could support other meaningful moments in people’s lives- graduations, baby showers, any gathering that could be energized by a focal point of celebration or honor. I began to see how a CenterPeace could become a central tool in creating a sacred space for those who yearned for increased mindfulness and reflection, those who wanted to explore purpose and intention, and for those who wanted a touchstone of memories in an easily accessible place in their home.

Bringing CenterPeace to you is an honor. I hope you find ways to use it that support your growth, comfort you in a time of need, and assist in celebrating all of life’s most meaningful moments. As I launch CenterPeace into the marketplace, if you feel compelled to share CenterPeace with others, I invite and encourage you to do so because, at the heart of it all, we are all in this together.

With love and light,
Jill Flynn
Creator, CenterPeace