Loved One Memorial

The Loved One Memorial CenterPeace can serve as a powerful, effective way to allow us the precious opportunity to more deeply connect with this meaningful experience and assist us in the grieving process. It’s a beautiful platform for honoring and celebrating the life of a loved one through candle light, flowers, special photographs and written words. It gives people the opportunity to share a fond memory or words of comfort for the family, and provides a lasting memorial for years to come.

This beautifully crafted box is made of solid wood*. It’s portable and collapsible, and fits seamlessly with the decor of any room. By adding personal words, images and small objects, CenterPeace can be tailored for any occasion or personal place.

600x522xIMG_6785-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qXAiSQ1MQ3 (1)Every CenterPeace comes with:

  • 1 glass vase (shape may vary)
  • 2 glass votives (shape may vary) with candles
  • 2 magnet picture frames & 3 mini magnets
  • 2 reversible mats (one for each level)
  • 50 note sheets and pen
  • 2 signs – for memorial & celebration occasions (stand next to box)
  • 1 sign stand
  • Magnetized open lid support**
*Natural imperfections in the wood and slight variance in color are common. **Insert the open lid support (magnetized triangle) into the corner between open lid and main platform edge. For your safety, always use the lid support when using CenterPeace.SIZE: Closed H 6 ¾” x L 11 ½” x D 7 ¾” Open H 14” x L 16 ¾” x D 12”